"Building Wealth in Your 20s"

“I found 'From Ramen to Riches' very easy to read and extremely practical for a young person starting a career... I would recommend this book for any college student or recent graduate. For that matter, I am certain it will be valuable for anyone wanting to rethink his or her financial situation and future.”

- DAVID PYKE, Dean, School of Business Administration, University of San Diego

"Smart people know things, geniuses make it simple. Jim is a true genius at sharing the straightforward 'secrets' to wealth creation. With wit and insight, he draws a map and hands readers a GPS and flashlight for finding their own treasure. No matter how old you are, this is one adventure you will want to take!"

- AMYK HUTCHENS, Speaker & Author; CHRISTOPHER BUSH, Managing Partner and Business Strategist, AmyK, Inc.

"This book is essential for anyone who wants to get a grip on managing their money. The author makes the concepts simple to understand. And, it's entertaining and funny too!"

"An action-oriented approach that encourages the reader to DO SOMETHING instead of simply read the book. It was easy to swallow and practical. Any 20-something would be lucky to start out with a great resource like this!"
- STACY, age 27

From Ramen to Riches

Looking for a job you'll love but aren't sure how to go about it? Do you wish you had a better handle on your money? This two-part series focuses on the unique needs that young professionals have as they enter the workforce and begin their financial lives independent of their parents.

"Building Wealth in Your 20s" describes a common-sense approach to spending, saving, and investing your money to get rich slowly, but surely. Written in a breezy, humorous, and conversational style, it discusses money in a way that is accessible to those who might not naturally gravitate to the subject.

"Finding a Job in Your 20s" covers in detail all the aspects of a successful job search: self-assessment, creating a compelling resume, networking, informational and formal job interviewing, negotiating an offer, and dealing with those first few months on the job. With practical, real-world advice from current and former managers, executives, and other experts, it provided a roadmap to a more productive and successful job search.

"Finding a Job in Your 20s"

“An invaluable guide for recent college grads navigating the waters of a job search. Insightful, funny, and filled with helpful advice to steer a job seeker in the right direction. ‘From Ramen to Riches’ will help you find not just any job, but a job you love.”
– LINDA SCALES, Director of Career Services, University of San Diego

“This is an indispensable guide for people launching their careers, providing the strategies and practical advice to find and do work you love. It's a great investment in your career and career satisfaction.”
– RACHELLE J. CANTER, Ph.D., Author of “Make the Right Career Move.”

“Job search straight out of college has always been difficult, but especially in this new job market. This book provides humorous anecdotes, real-world stories, and practical steps that will enhance your job search and help you manage your career for the long haul.”
– KEN SCHMITT, President, TurningPoint Executive Search

“This book is an eye opener for anyone who is seriously seeking a good job. ‘From Ramen to Riches’ offers key information to help the reader improve all aspects of their job search and ultimately the quality and fit of whatever career path they choose. ‘From Ramen to Riches’ is insightful and its contents actionable, a must read for anyone looking for work they love.”
– MIKE, Age 25

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